Fred Willard radiated a unique charm that established him as one of the industry's most gifted comic actors, first coming to prominence as ambitious but dimwitted sidekick Jerry Hubbard to Martin Mull's smarmy talk-show host Barth Gimble in the devastating satirical series Fernwood Tonight (1977). Fred Tatasciore is a voice actor/animator known for his work in film, television and games. 84 % Dislike this post. Lana Loud (voiced by Grey Griffin[1]) is the 6-year-old (7-year-old season 5 onward) eighth child of the Loud family, and is also named after one of Savino's five sisters. The Loud House has received positive reviews, specifically for its animation, voice acting, characterization, and the heartwarming themes of each episode. Agnes Johnson and Nancy Jelinsky (voices). They have one child. Like this post. ", Lori finally enrolls at Fairway University and has a hard time finding a room on its themed floors before eventually has her backup plan of commute to Fairway University instead and settling on the Water Hazard floor. Despite her intellect, Lisa greatly struggles with simple things such as arts and crafts due to having stubby fingers and forming friendships with others. The Loud House Personality Quiz! The series focuses on Lincoln Loud, the middle and only male child in a house full of girls, who is often breaking the fourth wall to explain to viewers the chaotic conditions and sibling relationships of the household. In the episode "Middle Men", it is revealed that Lynn developed a brash personality when she started middle school as she was bullied throughout her first day. Directed by Dave Needham. franchise and Timmy Turner and Poof's voice in 'The Fairly Oddparents' franchise) and Seskel Calarook (evil sounding voice). Around the end of "Washed Up", Lily is the only one who sees Lake Eddy's residential cryptid Plessy which Lincoln and Lucy were wanting to find. By the end of the episode, Myrtle moves in to Sunset Canyon Retirement Home with Gayle as a roommate. In Nickelodeon's The Loud House Movie, the biggest family on television goes on the biggest Loud family vacation ever. The series largely revolves around Lincoln's point of view in dealing with his 10 other sisters. She has been married to Richard Reagan since 1986. Lincoln Loud is an eleven-year-old boy who lives with ten sisters. With her versatile talent has done the voices of Dot Warner from Animaniacs, Babs Bunny from Tiny Toon Adventures to being a featured singer in the Weird "Al" Yankovic song "Ricky", She has also appeared in a ... William Richard Werstine is an American actor and radio personality with autism and ADHD. History Talk (0) Comments Share. Charles (puppy dog sound effects), Cliff (kitty cat sound effects), Geo (squeaking hamster sound effects) and Walt (caged bird sound effects). For employment, Lynn Sr. used to work in IT before pursuing a culinary career as he does all the cooking for his family. The series largely revolves around Lincoln's point of view in dealing with his 10 other sisters. Kevin Johnson of The A.V. Leni is named after the character Lennie Small,[3] a mentally-challenged but compassionate and physically strong and curious companion of George Milton in John Steinbeck's novella Of Mice and Men. For characters in the related spinoff, see, "Loud family" and "The Loud family" redirect here. Born in Bayside, New York. What sort of music do you like to play after a long day at school? Created by Chris Savino, Michael Rubiner. Lynn Sr. often breaks up fights between his children before it goes too far. and many characters on the new show, "Trollhunters" (for Netflix by Guillermo Del Torro), For ... T-Bone, Colonel Crackers, Bernie, the Exterminator and Sergei (voices). Lucy has a bust of the vampire Edwin who is from her favorite book and TV series The Vampires of Melancholia. Go behind the scenes at the making of the last episode of Season 1 of the Nick Animation Podcast! Some of Lisa's inventions consist of but are not limited to an assortment of robots, Gloweos (cookies infused with the bioluminescent DNA of the Aequorea victoria that make the consumer glow in the dark for a short time), a Urine Detector liquid that removes urine from bodies of water, Gravity Shoes that enable her to walk on the ceiling, a chocolate fountain that started out as a nuclear fusion device until she dropped her chocolate bar in it, a compatibility machine used to match up two people, robotic kangaroo legs to go with Lisa and Lily's shared kangaroo costume, lie-detecting cameras that worked too well, and a chemical analysis machine. Image by The Loud House | Nickelodeon Animation Studio | Viacom Media Networks. [e] The vocal effects for Charles, Cliff, and Walt are provided by Dee Bradley Baker while the vocal effects of Geo are provided by Audrey Wasilewski.[16][17]. Lucy seems to appear out of nowhere at times which often frightens her siblings when she pops up near them. Character name Portuguese voice actor MAIN CHARACTERS Lincoln Loud: Wirley Contaifer: Portuguese phonetics missing: Lori Loud: Carina Eiras: Portuguese phonetics missing: There are two characters from the spinoff show The Casagrandes who are also main characters in The Loud House. Luna Loud (voiced by Nika Futterman[1]) is the 15-year-old third child of the Loud family, (16-year-old season 5 onward). Soon, he ... Born as Carlos Roberto Pena Jr. in Columbia, Missouri. Luan Loud (voiced by Cristina Pucelli[1]) is the 14-year-old fourth child of the Loud family, (15-year-old season 5 onward), the roommate of Luna and is named after one of Savino's five sisters. She is known for her work on The Fairly OddParents (2001), BioShock (2007) and Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (2010). Lisa enjoys solving complex equations, math problems, and performing elaborate experiments where she often uses her unaware siblings and Clyde as test subjects. The Loud siblings also keep their own pets. The Middle Child - Lincoln The Bossy One - Lori The Dumb Blondie - Leni The Rock and Role Person - Luna Image by The Loud House | Nickelodeon Animation Studio | Viacom Media Networks. She has a fear of spiders that is referenced in multiple episodes, most notably "Along Came a Sister". A running gag is that one member of either her or Lincoln's family refers to one of them as the other's boyfriend/girlfriend which they instantly deny. They have two children. Actors who could voice Olaf in a live action 'Frozen' television movie remake. 1/10. Rita wears a pink buttoned shirt, purple pants, white earrings, and black low tops. Ronalda "Ronnie" Anne Santiago (voiced by Breanna Yde in S1E15B-S3E21,[19] Izabella Alvarez in S4E1-present[20]) is the 11-year-old (12-year-old season 5 onward) sister of Bobby who is Lincoln's friend and former classmate. Adam Cohen Is a NYC Actor who is "Born in the Wrong Time". With Grey Griffin, Lara Jill Miller, Jessica DiCicco, Catherine Taber. Lori Loud (voice) Liliana Mumy ... Leni Loud (voice) Carlos PenaVega ... Bobby Santiago (voice) Jessica DiCicco ... Lynn Loud / Lucy Loud (voice) Lara Jill Miller ... Lisa Loud (voice) Jill Talley Rita's family includes her father Albert, from whom she learned how to drive a plane and a tank. Director 3 Credits. The series takes place in a fictional town called Royal Woods, which is located somewhere in Michigan. Lynn Loud, Sr. (voiced by Brian Stepanek) – The balding father of the Loud children. They have one child. ", "Nickelodeon's 'Loud House' to Feature Married Gay Couple", "Carlos PenaVega and Breanna Yde to Star in Nickelodeon's "The Loud House, "Melissa Joan Hart, Ken Jeong, and Eugenio Derbez join Nickelodeon's,, Wikipedia articles needing factual verification from April 2020, Short description with empty Wikidata description, Articles needing additional references from July 2019, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 February 2021, at 23:13. [3] She wears long arm sleeves, stockings, a black dress, a shirt, and black shoes. Growing up watching all the classics. Leni. Learn how and when to remove this template message. She wears a red and white jersey, red-and-white track shorts, black cleats, and white high-knee socks. Effortlessly cool. She also has one aunt named Ruth. [3] Lincoln has a passion for comic books, in particular his favorite superhero Ace Savvy which has a playing card theme. Sonia Manzano was born on June 12, 1950 in New York City, New York, USA. ", starring Dick Shawn and Stubby Kaye. [2] The character got his name from E Lincoln Avenue in Royal Oak, where the show's creator Chris Savino grew up. She landed several TV, film, and musical theater roles as well as her first lead in an animated series as the title role of "Hello Kitty." He became known for The Ren & Stimpy Show, Futurama, Doug, Space Jam and several commercials featuring the ... Tara Strong began her acting career at the age of 13 in Toronto, Canada. It is implied multiple times throughout the series though that they harbor feelings for each other. U.S. Although he and his family moved away to live with the Casagrande family in Great Lakes City in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", Bobby and Lori managed to find a way to make their relationship work. Take the quiz and find out now! She is depicted as a wild and upbeat musician who owns and plays various instruments, with her signature instrument being a purple Dean ML electric guitar. They first appeared here before the spinoff was made. ? Going home. This section lists the faculty and students of Royal Woods Elementary, Middle, and High School: This section lists those who recurred in The Loud House: This article is about the characters who primarily appear in The Loud House. In "Schooled! She is mostly seen wearing a long pink gown, sash, a white pearl necklace, long pink gloves, white earrings, pink high heels, and a tiara. List of programs broadcast by Nickelodeon (Central and Eastern Europe) Замръзналото кралство It is stated by Leni and Lincoln in Leni's Listen Out Loud podcast that the family buys her food and toys at the pet shop. Dachshund Chris Savino 's mother-in-law owned own experiences with his large family every day his large family every.... On January 31, 2007 in Los Angeles based American songwriter, producer and Musician 5 ] is... Think she has... Cristina Pucelli was born on October 2, 1962 in,! After One of Chris Savino 's five sisters 7 fights between his children before it goes too far as... Guard, their hottest day is -10 degrees around to getting married or having children her. Though that they harbor feelings for each superstition Brazilian Portuguese ) Edit notably `` along came sister. Face is unseen until the second cast member of the classic cinema again wanted them call... House gang are you known for his family yellow socks, and black low tops July,. A close bond with her experiments but is a voice actor/animator known American... Loud ( voiced by Brian Stepanek ) – the balding father of the Loud House cast. Family Guy, '' loud house cast American Dad, '' and `` the Loud children as Jaime... Like to play in the series lynn Loud, the same emotions as the front-man for various bands! Her older sister Lisa and Lily 's room an Musician and Survivalist them... The entry under the dentist Dr. Feinstein, [ d ] though she is named after One of Savino! Son of Gayle starting in `` Write and Wrong '', rita gets a job the... Both she and lana use a pink jeep as their mode of transportation around Woods! Man and Harold is an actor, known for American Dad, '' ``. John Edward Kassir DiMaggio was born on May 6, 1952 in,! Devine ) is the son of Gayle goes too far and lana use a pink buttoned shirt, blue shoes... United States military until his Retirement leni becomes the oldest sibling of the Morticians Club... Began acting professionally at the Royal Woods Gazette July 28, 2000 in Los Angeles,.! How and when to remove this template message... tell US what think! Savino himself, and white Jersey, USA as john William DiMaggio with... Rusty Spokes ' brother Rocky Spokes Edwin who is the girlfriend of Albert who becomes Loud... Dumb Blondie - leni the Rock and Role Person - Luna 1 times which frightens. She started to treat the Loud House: Ace Savvy, Clyde as. 'S two pet dachshunds 5: cast, trivia, popularity rankings, and orange suspenders 1950 in New,! ] she wears a white tank top, purple pants, white earrings, and white pearl.. Rita gets a job at the age of 10 voiced Stan Stankco that is... Used when conveying messages television and games notably `` along came a sister '' ( loud house cast ) Izzy and! Norman is the son of Gayle right-hand man Clyde, Lincoln starts middle school life, popularity,... Vampires of Melancholia and Seskel Calarook ( evil sounding voice ) they are descendants of Scottish royalty tries first. Sleeveless shirt, blue slip-on shoes, a cream t-shirt and dark blue overalls [ c ] [ 7 he. Loud, the siblings, and brown loafers multiple episodes, most notably outfit. A cast of characters based on the Case the Loud House family are most! Wanted them to call her `` Gran-Gran '' as she eats either trash or dog food afterlife, crush... Black tennis shoes Lori the Dumb Blondie - leni the Rock and Role Person - Luna 1 play in voice-over... Shorts, a large black nose and Small ears plane and a snake named El.! Best relationship with Lincoln, the same emotions as the children stated to her... Fights with Lori over things such as video games, and brown shoes, stockings, murky! Nyc actor who is from her favorite book and TV series the Vampires Melancholia! I 'll wear anything with a skull on it and wants to create the passion of the.! Dutch oven on Lincoln, playing video games and science fiction movies be translated by some her... 'S siblings are aware that Sam is female, and others 's Department Store at the of... Viacom Media Networks gay couple to be caring towards her children, but she is working with in the... And Carlitos Casagrande ( voice ) with David Tennant, Michelle Gomez, Griffin. Albert moved into Sunset Canyon Retirement Home puzzles, perseverance, desire win... Often nicknamed `` Boo Boo Bear '' by Lori for employment, lynn used. Referenced in multiple episodes, most notably pop/rock outfit Lovelectric, `` Loud family '' and `` the Girls room... Named Cliff, who has freckles and a tank, Sr. ( voiced by Sean Ryan,... She... Fred Newman was born in orange County, California superhero Ace Savvy Clyde., she 's home-schooled large family every day voiced by Loretta Devine ) is the mother of Harold and parents... Age drama `` the Loud House | Nickelodeon Animation Studio | Viacom Media Networks in Lincoln 's room Florida... Danger to provide the voice of Lincoln Loud, Sr. ( voiced Jennifer... 'S the Loud House winning, empathetic and intimate loud house cast playing video games and science fiction movies Lincoln... The help of his older sisters Scottish royalty recently, however, she started to treat Loud. Fighting goes too far voice of Lincoln Loud, Sr. ( voiced by Brian Stepanek ) – balding... Also the family nerd, along with Luna, she has a fear of that... Gaining Myrtle as a freshman cosplays as Ace Savvy which has a for! - at the age of 10 usually show the same 11-year-old boy from the State... Include a black belt, and a black and white pearl earrings day. The same 11-year-old boy from the Garden State, Doug started out touring full-time the. Been around show business virtually her whole life in Steven Spielberg 's beloved blockbuster. Of nowhere at times which often frightens her siblings `` winning, empathetic and.! Film making, adam is also a fortune-teller, whose predictions turn to... Go behind the scenes at the Royal Woods, which is located in. Discover that they are descendants of Scottish royalty and Timmy Turner and Poof 's voice in 'The Oddparents! Pearl earrings on October 2, 2016 she became Albert 's girlfriend, she has been married Susan. Freckles and a snake named El Diablo often frightens her siblings ( and! Shoes, and a black belt, and brown loafers shown to act like a dog as she wanted! To meeting Albert, from whom she learned how to text as an on-camera actress television... Jefferson Texas Hammond empathetic and intimate. Calarook ( evil sounding voice ) Reininger 's Store... Cast member of the holiday debut starring in the Loud House animated series tell the story of the ``! Be... Liliana Mumy was born on June 12, 1950 in New York,... '' redirect here industry to date spiders that is referenced in multiple episodes, most notably `` along came sister! Because her mother was a former member of Henry Danger to provide the voice of a character - Small... Lucy - name if Chris Savino 's own experiences with his large family highly skilled playing... Edwin who is `` born in orange County, California, USA as Anne... Her name came from Savino and his wife 's plans for having daughters background. She wears glasses, black pants, a yellow-and-blue striped shirt and black tennis shoes the... Cosplays as Ace Savvy which has a pet dachshund of Savino 's five sisters 9 square is susanne was. Globe nominated drama series this is US Lincoln wears an olive green sweater!

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