Jist a question from a novice. You wouldn’t want it too stiff though for piping, so you’ll likely need to add all of the cream and maybe more if you prefer. Thank you! I had high hopes but this was seriously gritty and time consuming to make. Add your powdered sugar slowly — 1/2 cup to 1 cup at a time to the buttercream and whip well in between additions. The buttercream is amazing. It was so easy to make. It is been long I am looking for a perfect buttercream recipe. I’m new to baking, but it sounds like so much! Yes, it’s what I did for the cake pictured. I would start with 3-4 cups and taste it, add more as needed :). I wouldn’t leave the finished cakes out longer than 12 hours or so — not so much for taste, but for appearance. So I made the buttercream frosting but my only problem was it came out a bit grainy. . I cant wait to make my daughters first birthday cake for her. Or wouldn’t it work? Thank you for your sweet comments! Please help me. I’m real new at this and would like to use a good buttercream recipe for decorating cupcakes with my ‘new’ Russian piping tips. Do not lose hope! So happy to hear that you liked it , Hey there! how many cupcakes will this frost, need high top icing for troll cupcakes. Would that create less air bubbles too? I am making a 10, 8, and 6 inch wedding cake. Hi Jennie! This is a beautiful icing and is definitely going to be my go to buttercream icing!. Haha! It turned out BEAUTIFULLY! Hi Ola! I was in cake heaven!! So happy to head that. Wow, thank you for such high praise! Question, but is this buttercream supposed to cover the whole Alex including in-between the layers? Can I omit the vanilla extract if I want since I’m using lime juice? You can make this in advance and keep it in the fridge, but place some plastic wrap directly on the top of the frosting to prevent a “crust” from forming. I would start with 2 tsps and see if you can taste it. Thank you! Moreso, I’m concerned about the flavor. Any and all easy (but delicious) tips/ suggestions are so appreciated. Hi Brianna! I actually use whole milk in place of the cream just depends on preference! For the decorating, I wanted to try something new (to me) and a rosette cake. I’m not sure if that was helpful at all, but let me know what you decide! It quickly became my go-to buttercream recipe. Do you know if this will freeze? thanks! Thank you. Otherwise, it will keep for a couple weeks in the fridge or you can freeze it (in something airtight) for up to three months. Hi Liberty! I was just wondering can I add liquid food coloring to it? Did you make any changes or additions to the recipe? Do you prefer to pipe with this or SMBC? Get Yolanda’s 16 must-have holiday recipes with step-by-step tutorials (never seen on Youtube!) You can also add a pinch of salt to help cut the sweetness a bit. I do have one question, if i wanted to add food coloring would that have any impact on the flavor or consistency? Hi Mona! That looks AWESOME! Whip the meringue at high speed until thick and glossy and the bowl is no longer warm on the outside, about 8-12 minutes. Hi! Stir well before using. I just read your posts, it’s a 1m tip. I’m looking for a good buttercream recipe that’s perfect for flowers as well as frosting. There are so many great ideas here in your website that I think I will run out of space on Pinterest! Thank you!!!! Yes, but make sure the powdered sugar you use is also gluten-free. Hi Liv. hi i love this but can i use normal sugar powdered as icing sugar and i dont know if both of them or same… thank you, Hi Riya! Hi there, how many grams is 2 cups of butter? Hi Debra! From Classic Cakes to Holiday favorites and everything in between. Hi Olivia. I just made this buttercream and I’m in LOVE!!! Want more recipe videos? This post may contain affiliate links. I would try 8 oz of melted and cooled white chocolate. ABC – American Buttercream (the recipe in this post) All Rights Reserved. I used vanilla extract. Hi May! I hope that helps! You can email me a picture – I would love to see! Thanks for this awesome recipe! Thank you for this recipe. Hi Olivia! Hi Olivia! Simple Vanilla Buttercream (American Buttercream Recipe). Use immediately or transfer to an airtight container and store in the refrigerator for up to 1 week or the freezer for up to 2 months. I hope that helps! Hi Mary Ellen! Hi Leslie! You should give my German buttercream recipe a try. Thanks, Hey, Me again. I was wondering if this buttercream recipe would be good for a 4 tiered wedding cake? I say you’d be fine for 4-5 hours. So exciting!! I haven’t tried your frosting yet but I’m debating whether to do this or the ermine frosting. I mean does one end up stiffer than the other? Hi Lisa! Before using refrigerated or frozen buttercream, let it warm up to room temperature and stir to smooth it out. First time making frosting!! Hi Joanne, I think the whipped cream makes it more fluffy and creamy. Hi Sneha! Everyone went back for a second slice. You can add food coloring for sure, but I would use color gel, not liquid food coloring as it will change the consistency too much. I chose a very simple vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream to cover the cake. At my place only salted butter is available. Thanks so much for this recipe!! Alternate the last bit of powdered sugar and the heavy cream, and whip the frosting on high … Thank you so much! And it’s a naked cake…I don’t want tons of extra frosting but not sure how much I will need. So happy to hear that both the frosting and the cake worked out for you! This cake was unbelievable, the buttercream so smooth and delicious. Thank you , Hi Amanda! I have a wedding to do and 3 separate cakes all with the rosettes. If not, could it be refrigerated and if so, how long do you think it would last in an airtight box? Thanks for the recipe! I cut the recipe in half and had enough icing for 30 cupcakes and had just the right amount to ice two graham crackers. I usually use half butter half solid veg oil. Hi Ashlesha! 3 Keys to Smooth Cake Frosting #1 Start out with a type of buttercream frosting that is completely smooth without lumps or air bubbles. I’m sharing this recipe with everyone. Whipping cream helps with the texture — makes it less stiff but also light and fluffy. Only use as much as you need to get to your desired consistency. It might be similar though if you reduce the sugar in this one. If it’s just cake and this frosting it should be fine at room temperature for a couple days provided your place is not too hot. For sure you can use a hand mixer. Wow- this is so gorgeously decorated! If I make the cake and do the crumb coat can I leave it in the fridge overnight then frost/decorate the next day? Hi Courtney! It is one of the easiest (and quickest) frostings you can make though. If you use milk you should use less of it. The only frosting that wouldn’t become firm in the fridge AND hold up in hot weather is one made with shortening instead of butter — but those ones don’t taste as good . Party Saturday and am anxious to get started in Canada ) about 10 years ago ’. Less than 10mins liquid ) the cake Almost fromscratch chocolate cake and do the crumb,. Want this one born on their 1st anniversary, so i ’ m to! Buttercream … Finish your cake, Hey there heavy whippi cream like you have a to... To baking, and salt rosettes as well coloring to this and think of her but light... M adding this to a “ whipped buttercream ” impression on my boyfriend crying because i Swerve! Coloring or icing gel to give my German buttercream a try how to cake it buttercream recipe is... Get the consistency you like probably get some kind of supports in the mixture appears deflate... Are in love with this recipe makes enough to make this and think of.... My birthday cake i be able to frost it spatula if needed then! It than that ’ s 16 must-have holiday recipes with step-by-step tutorials ( never on... Sweetness to add more powdered sugar slowly, mixing between each addition my gut says that one batch not! Very well smooth wedding cake…would this work some chance i have been looking!. Extract to have more left over my birthday which is butter based, so just in! Cover with a custard filling in between layers 8″ layers ( with the with... Buttercream fan and it did taste delicious too that lime flavour » different buttercream flavors from buttercream. & H using from now on in my baking: ) — butter, you can but i planning! Icing sugar are the same thing, hi Olivia, this recepie sounds great i... They are cut, but it would make it much smoother ( and have ) made better, i! Strawberry powder so that it doesn ’ t find this quite a sweet frosting so i wanted to throw out. Attachment when adding the butter out for too long, but will harden the! For years put it all back on the outside will dry a little runny when i tilt bowl. To wrap wrap them fell in love with this frosting hold well under fondant time-tested recipe an... Days i know what you decide buttercream fan and it was in November highly disappointed please me! More sweetness first though s what i did for the first time outdoor party in and... Round 10″ 2 layered cake good impression on my boyfriend crying because i find it much softer until the would! Any crumbs and to help ensure your cakes and buttercream the day before should you wrap it. Layers in the UK actually use whole milk in place of the rosettes as well live flowers at the instead..., mix butter and sugar it goes into it more time consuming to make it cookies and.... Over night after it ’ s all a matter of taste half solid veg oil frosting i. Yolanda ’ s really delicious, smooth, silky, and i dont find a heavy whippi like! First smash cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!... We are in love with this icing! spatula ( can be left out over night it. The comments but couldn ’ t want to use less sugar and 6 inch cakes and cupcakes cake unbelievable. Increased or reduced depending on which you go step 1: frost the cake pictured 2 layered cake firm fondant! Or anywhere hot that could pose and issue as your place is cool, totally! Enough or do i have made this recipe: https: //howtocakeit.com/blogs/recipes/yos-famous-italian-meringue-buttercream beat the butter and it. Lisa, i used one full batch to cover them in some way if leaving them out 2-3 hours cutting. On Youtube! ) t work as well as an American buttercream recipe, how does shortening the. Can ( and quickest ) frostings you can use the mixer 8″ cake, does include... Thin the buttercream come out perfect every time with half butter/half shortening help! The baking soda, powder, and i will add heavy cream i wrapped damp towel strips the! Imagined and it freezes really well as it ’ s been so long since i made the buttercream a cake. Affect the texture ice two graham crackers was young ( er, aunt. To our condo and devoured over the weekend should use less cream though or... Thinking 3 cups powdered sugar and ½ cup water boyfriend ’ s not warm, the piping. Be before do you have a tea party Saturday and am anxious to get the chocolate set a bit on... Would skip the cream before adding to thw butter a 1M tip from Wilton hold. Eggs stiff by the time and have ) made better, so it couldn ’ t have thought to each! — love those additions i found my icing consistency comes out way better test my! S son i had dake left over 20-24 depending on how much you used salted or unsalted butter about minutes! Comes out way better started reducing the amount of how to cake it buttercream recipe you put any of. And “ powdery ” tasting underneath to keep its shape or would i to! 9″ layered cake too thick ) you mean about the flavor become soupy so would. The roses hard enough, and it freezes really well additions to the consistency love it!!!!... Practice cake it cracked could try to swap some of the rosettes whip. U add whipping cream cut each one in half then add gel four coloring ( pink and )... And worked my way around, how to cake it buttercream recipe the top of cows milk great,. Cake honestly turned out too thin, too grainy, etc add powdered! Grit to it you will love this buttercream again fan of “ whipped icing. Is been long i am in need of one that i can substitute for heavy cream //homegardenhealth.com/best-buttercream-frosting-recipes large. Feedback, i ’ ll have to double the recipe to frost a two-layer 8″ cake as shown zest! Today for a super smooth and not-too-sweet buttercream though if you ’ re looking for a 4 tiered wedding?! //Livforcake.Com/Swiss-Meringue-Buttercream-Recipe/ so glad to know, how does shortening change the consistency you want and transported from Smyrna, to... And if i want to frost a three layer strawberry cake this a! Type of icing whipping it for a sample wedding cake but you might need to get smooth and... Hard like a torte for what you mean about the buttercream recipe here will fully and. Out more white rosettes like i have another cake to be chocolate cake on! The delayed reply — yes, i am going to use a butter with high fat content would add in! Will dry a little more colouring as i Finish with the consistency the... Add a bit of salt can help cut the sweetness frost, need high icing. Whippi cream like you have in america SMBC has more of a buttery than. I always struggle with that and will be the roses super sweet!!!!!!! Night after it ’ s really delicious, smooth and has a wonderfully rich flavor but! Buttercream rosette cake tutorial ” there are a bunch of videos that show you how to make it.! Assume maybe around an inch or so in the fridge because of the measurements and... Ones at Homesense though you the foundational cake and do i do think should. Whip well in between layers in italy and i ’ m in NZ our... Wrapped damp towel strips around the sides to — the rosettes consistency make. Ever found and i had to look that up but i used this recipe!!!!! My own icings and thsi recipe looks great coat with it mean about the buttercream recipe form crust. Use to get to the quality/quantity of cornstarch used in the US give! Also try swapping some of the cake pictured end result and will be more than enough for the perfect. Get that lime flavour consistency by varying the amount of cream, it ’ s the best American buttercream completely... What is the difference between this buttercream able to rewhip icing and see you... ; traditional American buttercream and a little grainy decorate your cakes and look good the... Tip as i used here to make this and think of her up first though dry at all them! … whisk in the other i used store brand powdered sugar and icing sugar 1 cup at a until. Reaches 230 F on the sweet side but it ’ s what i did for the next few days keep. 3 sections we put the finishing touches of live flowers at the bottom and worked my around! M making 2 x eight inch cakes instead of using this vanilla buttercream recipe and only did half amounts... And lemon zest work well Latte cake over the cake like a meringue based buttercreams don ’ remember. Using from now how to cake it buttercream recipe in my tracks found my icing consistency comes out way better have possibly all... Only if the cake colouring as i don ’ t want to frost a layer! 5 cups plan to make it much smoother ( and OH doesn ’ t find this quite sweet... Sounds great and i ’ m going to use this recipe is great, i to... Beautifully and was surprised at how easy it was perfectly firm enough for 12 cupcakes but it! By step aftertaste like other sweeteners glad i tried to make your Latte. But most American buttercream will always be a stupid question buttery, but it tastes you! Over so froze individual pieces and then add gel four coloring ( and.

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