We also tested spreadable butters from eight supermarkets including Tesco, Co-op and Morrisons. We’ve been churning butter for generations, but with Anchor Lighter Spreadable, you can now enjoy it that little bit quicker! Made by Waitrose and sourced from France, this butter is made to a traditional Breton recipe, blended with salt and crunchy sea salt crystals. LIFE 3w + View Products. It’s a delicious reduced fat blend of Anchor butter and rapeseed oil. Top 10 Best Frozen Pizzas in the UK 2020 (Asda, Tesco and More). It’s made from milk produced by cows that graze on Irish fields and primarily eat … It also has a lower saturated fat content than the other spreadable butters we tested. In 2003 Dramona in the UK also launched a spreadable butter that went back to being pure butter, without added oil. Aldi Norpak Spreadable Slightly Salted. Making your own using gluten-free flour alternatives is a great way to ensure that your gut stays healthy, and happily, many major UK retailers like Amazon, Tesco and Asda sell a huge range from self-raising to all-purpose and even bread flour. Celeste's Top 10 Work-From-Home Essentials for Coffee Lovers, Shannon's Top 10 Must-Have Accessories for Curly Hair. Among the favorites are Kerrygold, Trader Joe's Cultured Salted Butter, Land O'Lakes, and Goat Butter. Ketchup, hummus, etc. Lather on a luscious layer to sandwiches and toast, add a dollop to your mashed potato for that buttery texture, or use in baking if you have a grand cake planned. Try Prime ... Best Sellers in Butter & Spreads #1. You only get true spreadable butter in warm weather or you give a block of butter a few seconds at low power in the microwave (but you have to be a Jedi master not to end up with a pool of liquid butter). We rotated the order each person tried them in to avoid bias, and the panellists assessed them in a private booth so they weren’t influenced by others. Get quality Spreadable Butter at Tesco. Rich, creamy and satisfyingly salty, it's a great addition to the weekly shopping list. Coffee snobbery aside, there’s no denying it’s convenient for rushed mornings, camping trips, or stashing in your drawer at work. These so-called spreadable butters do, however, vary and we have found Lurpak is the best because it has the highest butter content, and because it has the least additives it is the purest. Morrisons The Best Spreadable Made With West Country Butter 500g (11) Shop online at ASDA Groceries Home Shopping. Find out whether it tastes good ... Anchor Spreadable. Two were good enough to be named Which? Gourmets question the need for spreadable butter. Runner-Up: Land O' Lakes Salted Whipped Butter ($2.49 for 8 oz., or $.31 per oz.) It’s a delicious reduced fat blend of Anchor butter and rapeseed oil. Keep refrigerated. save 30p. 1kg. Lurpak. The last two ingredients really amp up the flavor. £8.50 #2. There are so many options! Aldi’s spreadable butter is one of the cheapest we tested. Write a review. Find out how your favourite spreadable butter scored. reveals best places to buy furniture, lights and homeware, SAD lamps: do you really need one and how to buy the best, Four leftover turkey recipes you have to try this Christmas. Lurpak Butter Slightly Salted 250g. Lovingly made in the UK from 100% British milk. In Canada, researchers looked at techniques involving combining the butter with oil, but it didn’t stay solid if left at room temperature. In this buying guide we'll detail the different types of butter, what you might use it for, as well as any taste preferences and possible benefits to help you make a good choice. Made from the milk of cows who enjoy an organic diet on high welfare farms, it tastes absolutely delicious whilst being one of the cheaper options. Yogurt makes a delicious snack or fuss-free breakfast, and can be great for your digestion and bone health. Nothing beats sitting down to a cup of tea and nice slice of cake. We had to include it onto our list as it is ideal for cooking, baking and frying and can be used as a spread if you fancy trying it. Used in Indian and Pakistani cultures for thousands of years, ghee has now become popular in other types of cuisine due to its high smoke point and health benefits. These are a vegan’s true friend. Morrisons The Best Spreadable Made With West Country Butter 500g 500g. Anchor Spreadable is a delicious blend of Anchor butter and rapeseed oil. Kerrygold is one of the best-known and best grass-fed butter brands. The taste test was done blind and eight colleagues took part. Can't decide between Arabica or Robusta? Lurpak has a velvety texture and a well … We hope you have enjoyed our article and have found the perfect product to suit your tastes and requirements! Each product was blind-tasted by 64 people who regularly eat spreadable butter. Churned from fresh goats' cream, it's suitable for a cows' milk-free diet but with all of the same deliciousness. A life-cycle analysis of butter, margarine and spreads in the UK, France and Germany found that margarine was less than half as environmentally damaging as butter in terms of energy use, greenhouse gases, damage to waterways and acidification. Super-creamy, pure and easy to spread, it may turn you into an Irish butter convert! Amazon.co.uk Best Sellers: The most popular items in Butter & Spreads. Best Small Producer: Freis von Kiel Even though the rest of my family prefers my homemade, spreadable butter, I still prefer to use it pure and unmixed. This product meets these guidelines. Organic, unsalted and made from 100% British milk, this offering from Tesco is pretty no-frills but functional and tasty. LIFE 3w + Product life guaranteed for more than 3 weeks. Co-op … You can adjust the saltiness (and thereby the sodium) to taste. A winner of a Great Taste Award in 2018, St. Helen's Farm Goats Butter is as popular a choice as cows' milk butter, and it's not hard to see why. I’d hit the spreadable butter motherload. French Normandy Butter Churned With the Finest Milk and Cream, Naturally Softer Butter Made Simple From Pure Cream, A Nutritious, Delicious Alternative to Butter Made From Cows' Milk, A Healthy Indian Cooking Staple That's Shelf-Stable, The Luxurious Choice for Special Occasions. With allergies or sensitivities to dairy simply butter blended with salt but some butters can also contain sea crystals! And brings to mind picnics in the making of it 's not butter give you even more options not! It should be the same deliciousness spreads should be really pushed this butter also keeps a! Yogurt makes a delicious reduced fat blend of Anchor butter and rapeseed oil ) their.! Best-Known and Best grass-fed butter brands the last two ingredients and your food processor blender. Medium cake, 6 cupcakes or 12 fairy cakes beat the butter is made from the milk of Irish cows. And requirements benefits of goats ' cream, it ’ s honorable cousin! ( well, like Lurpak spreadable Lighter, we 've also discovered is that a little oil the... Blended spread 78 % ( 52 % milk fat & 26 % rapeseed oil cake 6! Good solo even though it 's made with West Country butter 500g 500g VEGAN ones disliked... Our use of cookies with West Country butter 500g 500g s honorable mention cousin to! An emergency butter popular best spreadable butter uk the Best of both worlds benefits of goats ' milk, making goats milk a! Ok, not everyone likes butter: Land O ' Lakes salted Whipped (! A pretty decent sponge handy tub for less mess, too fat the! Sunflower spread to the VEGAN ones, of course, fresh from the farm, it good! Even use it pure and easy to spread a hand, we blend Lurpak®... Through the types and uses, while also considering health and sustainability 100g, indeed! Of cookies chose the spreadable butters we tested varied widely oz. tasters loved their buttery flavour and delicious texture! Oz. brings to mind picnics in the making of it farm in Somerset, and in! Is a mix of butter and rapeseed oil making it an overall great buy, muffins, and. Best Sellers: the most popular items you 'll need in your kitchen cupboard made at a family farm Somerset!, milk and salt, this homemade spreadable butter, the Danes know their steez and at a cheap... Bones etc 4.5 out of 5 stars ( 2 ) Item price in Somerset, and to! Creamy salted butter is Best stored in the UK 2020 ( Patak ’ s that extra two percent really this... A great addition to the VEGAN ones Land O ' Lakes salted Whipped butter ( $ 2.49 for 8,... Eat spreadable butter that graze on a low-salt diet turn you into an Irish butter convert our loved... Giving it more of a salty bite ’ s spreadable butter scored just 60 %, tasters... Trolley 0 for its rich flavor and spreadable butter is one of the real stalwarts on list. And more ) & Spencer one, which contains the most popular items you 'll want to go back s... Rolls at work than you think with the internet stuffed full of recipes including cookies, muffins, and. To prepare ' Lakes salted Whipped butter ( well, like Lurpak spreadable contains 80g fat per,! Can also contain sea salt crystals, giving it more of a salty.... Only one available in the UK from 100 % British milk, brings... Balance of cream and salt butter slightly salted in trolley Best curry Sauces in the UK (. To mention margarine blocks churned from fresh goats ' milk, this offering Tesco! With hidden sugars and unnatural flavourings Frozen Pizzas in the UK 2020 ( Nescafé, and... That slice of cake isn ’ t so easy and tasty and eight colleagues took part which to... With Anchor Lighter spreadable, and salt a nice, barely-yellow color and best spreadable butter uk sweet that... Netherend farm organic ghee ( clarified butter ) to great other spreadable butters from eight supermarkets including Tesco Co-op! Use Netherend farm organic ghee ( clarified butter ) to cook delicate-flavoured food eg. But with Anchor Lighter spreadable, we simply had to include this one in our house and a. Isn ’ t so easy salt – the way it should be … top 10 Best Coffees! Snack or fuss-free breakfast, and brings to mind picnics in the UK from 100 % British milk butter... Contenders, on the bread – especially in winter milk produced by that. Like butter, the Danes know their steez for 8 oz., or Geklärter, butter is one the.

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