On Directing Air #1 2018: Ivan Jurica: Central (Eastern) Europe In The Context Of Colonial Mentality

What means the context of Central (Eastern) Europe colonial mentality? And why do we, regarding post-socialist societies, speak about colonialism at all? While after 1989 its image dominated turbo-capitalism and consequent modernist racism, in the recent years it became shifted into racialized anti-Islamism and sadistic xenophobia. The urgent need to conceive this publication departs not only from the necessity to display those histories in the context of permanent transformation and socialist and post-socialist experiences, but additionally from an attempt to destabilize simple black and white perceptions of the politics and societies on both sides of the former wall. In these terms, we consider this publication as reaching the Western as well as Eastern readers. The publication is a collection of texts and works of the author regarding the Central (Eastern) European post-socialist situation, produced for different occasions within the context of art and culture, and published, presented or performed. It should be considered as a work of art, overlapping comments, and fields of art, culture, economy, and politics.